Within the division of railway construction, our company is able to carry out construction works in upgrading, reconstruction and optimization of rail corridors, regional tracks and train stations. We focus mainly on complex construction of rail bases, particularly on earthwork after excavation, disposal or recycling of existing rail beds, construction of earth plains to required parameters and establishment of base foundation, including structural layers of various grit rock
In order to achieve desired parameters of ground plains, we are ready to carry out various remediation works, soil treatment, lime stabilization, or use a wide range of geotextiles and geogrids. With earthworks and structural layers, required height levels, transverse and longitudinal gradients with an accuracy of + / - 1 cm are achieved by our own earth moving machines equipped with GPS satellite technology. Within railway constructions, we also build underpasses, culverts, retaining walls, various drainage systems, rail paths or sound barriers.